ANALOGUE IS NOT DIGITAL - radio programme curation & sound commission  
Analogue Is Not Digital
12 – 26th September 2012

Analogue Is Not Digital aired a programme of sound works interpreting the analogue digital switch-over during the North East switch-off period between 12 – 26th September 2012 on

The programme included sound works by NTSC & PAL, Jason Sloan, James Hutchinson, Mar Shro, Janek Schaefer and a new commission for - Telemancy.



13 Songs about Television - Sneha Solanki

Telemancy - Sneha Solanki

Meet The New Flesh - NTSC & PAL

National Portrait - the final 120hrs of audio from televsion in the North West. Janek Schaefer

Analogue dreams - Mar Shro

Whiteout - Jason Sloan

BBC2 Mash-up - James Hutchinson

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